Should I Use Rest Home Care?

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Many people with an elderly relative are confused about what they should do. One half of them wants to have their relative come to live with them, and the other wants them to go into a rest home care. There is however another alternative which you might want to consider, and that's using home care.

What is Rest Home Care?

This is a great mix between care and independence for your relative. If you find that your relative needs help to do everyday tasks, but that they are safe enough to be left by themselves for the rest of the time, then hiring someone to work in their home may be perfect. Few old people relish the thought of having to give up their home and move into a care home.

Should I use Care at Home?

Whether home care is suitable for you and your relative will depend on quite a few different things. Care at home is generally only suitable for people who need minor help and assistance doing tasks. This could be anything from getting dressed, to cooking or bathing. Quite simply, whatever the needs of your relative, you should be able to find carers to provide it in their own home.

That being said, it is not normally recommended to use care at home if the person needs round the clock attention. If your relative suffers from a serious medical condition then they may be safer and better off in a formal medical care home.

Finding Carers

When finding carers to look after your relative you do need to be careful. Understand that these people will be left alone with your family member. If your relative is particularly vulnerable then they could be at risk. It pays to be careful when choosing home care providers because there have been several shocking stories in the news lately.

You will be able to either choose a live in carer, or a carer who visits at certain times throughout the day. The latter option will be considerably more affordable, but the option you choose will depend on how much support your relative needs.

There are several websites online which compare the different home care providers. These have lots of useful reviews for you to understand exactly which care company you should consider working with.

Hiring an Agency or Direct

When choosing a carer, you will normally be able to hire a carer direct, or go through an agency. Normally it is safer to go through an agency, even though it might cost that bit more. This is because the care agency will take care of all the screening on the carer, and check they are fit for the job. The agent will also be able to send you a replacement carer if your regular one has to go away on holiday.

Putting your relative into care is nothing to be ashamed of. There comes a time in everyone's life that they need more help than you are able to provide. Spend time comparing the different options for care available so you can make the right decision.

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